Argentine Bahia Sod

Sod Types


Sun Tolerance: Excellent
Shade Tolerance: Low
Grass Color: Light green
Grass Texture: Coarse
Drought Tolerance: Excellent
Disease Resistance: Excellent
Traffic Tolerance: Good
Planting Zones: 10; lower parts of zone 9
Recommended Planting Dates: Spring through summer
Mowing Height: 2”-3”

    Bahia, also known as Bahiagrass or Argentine Bahia, is some of the most hardy grass you can have in your Southwest Florida lawn, which is located in lower zone 9. Growing in Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples, Argentine Bahia is the perfect choice of sod for your yard. We highly recommend Bahia for any landscaping projects or touch ups you want to have done for your yard.

    Argentine Bahia  was developed for its forage production quality. In essence, this grass is low-maintenance and hardy in the conditions that Southwest Florida can throw at us. Its low water requirements are particularly beneficial during our drier winter season because its root system runs deep and is able to hold moisture for longer periods of time than other grasses. 

    In addition to the natural elements, Bahia does well in high-traffic areas. So if you have a dog or kids who like to play in the yard, know that Bahiagrass will hold up and will not deteriorate because of high traffic.

    This variety of Bahiagrass tends to tolerate limited shade and poorly drained fields better than other grasses, such as the Bermuda grass. Take this into consideration when observing your yard and picturing where your grass is going to go.

    If you do not already know, it is recommended that your soil is tested before establishing sod in your yard. Fortunately, Argentine Bahia does well in poor, sandy soil. Bahiagrass prefers pH between 5.5 and 6.5. 

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Due to the fragile nature of sod grasses, all sales are final and there are no guarantees or refunds even if you follow all the care instructions on our website. For any type of sod to survive, it requires a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day and must be sprayed to prevent fungus and pests. Lack of proper maintenance for one day could cause newly installed sod to die. Due to the weight of our equipment and product upon delivery, damages may occur on driveways and sidewalks. The driver will only follow the customer’s instructions. By continuing with this purchase, you agree to release JMC Landscaping of any responsibility of such damages. 

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