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Summer Tips and Tricks!

Does the summer heat have your plants beat? JMC has you covered! Here are some tips to help your plants and trees beat the heat. Water your plants in the early morning or late evening to prevent rapid evaporation resulting in 'burning' of your plants. Are your leaves turning yellow, soft, or wilted? This could be sign of overwatering.

  • Increase the amount of time between waterings.

  • If it's an outdoor plant/tree that you can't shelter from the rain, you can remove some of the soil around its roots and add 3 - 4 inches of mulch to promote better air circulation and water flow in order to prevent root damage. Make sure the mulch is at least 6 inches from the trunk of the tree.

  • Clear any weeds growing around the tree and above the roots.

The Florida summer season is prime time for any outdoor fungus to thrive. In order to prevent fungal diseases from killing your outdoor beauties, we highly recommend you spray them with our garden-friendly fungicide. Last but not least, we strongly discourage fertilizing your yard or outdoor plants during the rainy season. With all the rain we get this time of year, fertilizer can easily drain into our lakes, rivers, and canals wreaking havoc in our precious waterways.

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