King Alexander Palm Tree

King Alexander

King Alexander

Common Name: King Alexander Palm, King Palm
Scientific Name: Archontophoenix alexandrae
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Low
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 40' OA

The King Alexander, or King Palm, is another instantly recognizable palm that is seen throughout Southwest Florida. You will find this simple, elegant palm in yards and various landscapes around Cape Coral, Pine Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Naples. Landscapers and homeowners love the King Alexander palm for its slender, sleek trunk that will fit in just about any location you desire. 


The King palm’s head is of moderate size and allows it to be planted in smaller spaces that other palm trees might not fare so well in. The King palm can reach heights of 35 to 40 feet once it reaches full maturity. The slender trunk looks great on its own but some prefer multi trunk King Alexanders for different landscaping projects. The double and triple trunk King Alexander palm would be great for lining your property or as a centerpiece for a circular driveway.


One of the benefits of having this beautiful tree is that it is self-cleaning. This means that when the fronds die and are replaced by new ones, they just fall right off on their own with no help from below. Because of the King palm’s self-cleaning nature, we recommend they are planted at least three feet from a short structure or five feet from a taller structure so that the fronds do not fall on top of the structure.


The King Alexander palm will grow moderately fast in full sun and partial sun conditions. It needs regular watering and enjoys the occasional feeding in order to ensure the greenest leaves possible. Originating in Australia, the King palm enjoys our tropical climate but will withstand temperatures of 26 degrees for a short time, which is good news for when we have our occasional cold snaps!


We know you will enjoy the beauty the King Alexander palm has to offer!

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