Bottle Palm Tree

Bottle Palm Tree

Bottle Palm Tree

Bottle Palms in landscape

Bottle Palms in landscape

Common Name: Bottle Palm
Scientific Name: Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Zone: 10B- 11
Growth Rate: Slow
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 12' OA

Few palm trees have the appeal to catch the attention of passerby like the Bottle palm, or Hyophorbe lagenicaulis does. It is easy to see why, as with its standout bottle-shaped silhouette, bottle palms add immediate interest to any garden.  

The bottle palm trees are very sought after by landscapers, designers and

homeowners alike because they are very versatile and work well in different applications:

  • as single specimen centerpieces

  • in garden beds with other small plants

  • in pots or containers on the porch or deck

  • as sidewalk plantings

  • in built-in pool planters

  • centered in round driveway islands

  • around the pool cage, patio or lanai

  • as accent to add tropical flair to any corner of the landscape


At JMC Nursery in Pine Island we have ​bottle palms trees for sale. At just a short drive from Cape Coral, you will find that our nursery has a wide variety of small, ready to take home bottle palms in containers, or mature Bottle palms for sale. We also deliver and install! 

If a Bottle palm tree in a place where it gets good soil, bright light and moderate moisture, it is easy to care for. The Hyophorbe lagenicaulis is native to the Mascarene Islands, where they enjoy of warm weather and sandy soils, just like they do in South Florida landscapes. 

Bottle palms are very tropical, so they need protection from frost. The Bottle palm cold hardiness is low, as it will not tolerate frost. During the winter months, if cold temperatures are predicted, tying up the fronds and wrapping them to keep them insulated can help prevent cold damage. 

Come spring, an application of slow-release fertilizer with a high potassium and magnesium ratio will ensure the bottle palms tree grows healthy & strong.


For more information, pricing and availability on the Bottle palm, call JMC Landscaping today!


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