Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

The plumbago auriculata, or Blue Plumbago, is favorite among landscapers in Southwest Florida due its rare natural blue hue that many of us find desirable. A unique shrub that gives off an English cottage house vibe, the Blue Plumbago can be found in yards throughout the area, such as Cape Coral, Pine Island, Naples, and Fort Myers.


The Blue Plumbago is an easy care shrub with evergreen leaves that grow throughout the year. The most common, and easily the most beautiful, cultivar is the Imperial Blue Plumbago. Its bright blue flowers are the main attraction because of its color and its clumping nature. You might notice that as you brush by the Blue Plumbago, some of the petals might stick to you.


A fast grower, the Blue Plumbago spreads naturally without the need for propagating. We recommend keeping the shrub pruned to a height of 3 feet of less. If you have seen Blue Plumbagos at a taller height, you might notice they look a little wild. Keeping it at 3 feet or so will help keep uniform, yet natural look. If you have to do a hard prune to get it back down to its preferred height, make sure to give it a healthy dose of water beforehand, otherwise it might take awhile for the shrub to regain its shape. 


The Blue Plumbago prefers to grow in full sun but will tolerate some afternoon shade. Unlike many of our tropical plants in the area, the Blue Plumbago prefers if its soil dries out between waterings. 


Additionally, it is worth noting that Blue Plumbago blooms throughout the year but will likely bloom more and more in the warmer months, which is almost year round for us!


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