Alexander Palm Tree

Triple Alexander Palms in landscape

Triple Alexander Palms in landscape

Double Alexander Palm JMC Landscaping LL

Double Alexander Palm JMC Landscaping LL

Common Name: Alexander Palm, Solitaire Palm
Scientific Name: Ptychosterma elegans
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Low
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 20' OA

The Alexander palm is one that has recently increased in popularity due to its medium stature and narrow growth habit, making it a perfect option for tight planting spaces. 

Due to it's moderate-sized canopy, and thin trunk, the Alexander palm is a preferred palm for limited-space applications in the landscape and planters. 

The Alexander is also sometimes called Solitaire palm because it naturally grows as a single, solitary trunk, but like the Adonidia and Foxtail palms, we also grow the Alexanders as double and triple trunk as well. 

Single Alexanders add a minimal, clean look to the landscape, and can be used to line an entryway, as accent pieces around the pool, or to elevate some greenery to a second story floor while keeping the ground level to a minimum. 

This pretty palm also shows off very nicely with multiple trunk specimens for a bigger landscaping impact. Staggered heads on the Alexanders can be used to create a layered effect for depth and density, and as backdrop plantings if combined with other palms and bushes. 

Self-cleaning palms like the Alexander are highly sought after by many homeowners due to low maintenance and no trimming necessary. Their slim trunks grow up to 4 inches in diameter and are also very appealing because of their gray or almost white color. In addition, once the fronds fall off, it leaves a dark leaf base scars on the trunk that creates a contrast of dark and light rings.

Alexander palms grow to an ultimate height of 20 to 25 feet, and prefer full to part sun locations though they'll grow just fine in part shade.
They do best in warmer areas, especially when they're placed in a spot that's protected from drying or cold winds. This palm is a moderate grower and can even be grown indoors where there's enough height and light to let it thrive. Alexanders are moderately drought-tolerant once they're well-established. 

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